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The Best Blogging Extension for Joomla!

Compose, manage and publish elegant and sleek articles, with ease.
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Dynamic content publishing platform, suitable for all sorts of blogging styles which were carefully crafted to be uniquely yours.
EB Composer
  • Content Blocks
    Easy to use drag & drop content builder, simplifying day to day composing experience.
  • History
    Keeps a history of changes on the post, made switching in between revisions back and forth hassle-free.
  • Geolocation
    Pinpoint the exact location with Google Map on the post to show the better perspective to your audience.
  • Embeddables
    Embed your favorite post from InstagramFacebookTwitterSoundCloudSpotifyYouTube and many more.
  • Cover Captions
    Add captions to all of your post covers, capturing your audience attention even before going through the entire content.
Media Manager
Centralized all uploads and make files organization simple yet effortless at the same time.
EB Media Manager
  • Images
    Upload amazing graphics files such as .png.jpeg, or .gif onto your content.
  • Videos
    Upload .mp4.avi.wmv.mov or even .flv files to your content to elevate the immersive vibe.
  • Audio
    Upload audio files such as .mp3 or .aac onto your content.
  • Files Sharing
    Share .doc.pdf.zip.exe files across with your teammates.
Responsive & Mobile Ready
Compose effortlessly on any mobile devices with the all new and improved mobile UI & UX.
EasyBlog Mobile
EasyBlog Mobile
EasyBlog Mobile
EasyBlog Mobile
Wonderful Enhancements
Not just your average blogging tool for Joomla.
EasyBlog Google AMP Pages Support
Google AMP Pages
Search result appears instantly on Google and improve on search rankings
EasyBlog Facebook Instant Articles
Facebook Instant Articles
Blog posts appear on Facebook instantly compared to the regular mobile web
EasyBlog Reactions
Your audience have a place to react to any published blog posts on the site
EasyBlog Star Ratings
Star Ratings
Your audience have the honor of star rating every published post on the site
EasyBlog Analytics Tracking
Google Analytics Tracking
Site admins have an avenue to know their audience further in depth with collected data from Google Analytics
EasyBlog GDPR
GDPR Compliant
Registered users have the freedom of data removal and downloadable data of their created content on the site
EasyBlog social auto-posting
Social Auto-posting
Automatically publish posts to your social media platforms on the fly
EasyBlog Reading Progress
Reading Progress Bar
Intuitive progress bar used while reading through a blog post
EasyBlog Reading Time
Reading Time Indicator
Calculates the estimated time needed to finish reading a blog post
Tools for Authors
Daily content creation for authors.
  • Team Blogs
    Brainstorm relevant ideas with the team to create amazing content for your target audience.
  • Built-in ACL
    Assign specific rights for different user groups on the site.
  • Front-end Dashboard
    Manage authors posts, comments, categories and so on from the front-end.
  • Multi-categories Support
    Flexibility to assign multiple categories to a single post.
  • Quick Posting
    Automate published posts directly to any social sites on the fly.
Tools for Readers
Daily reading enhancement for your audience.
  • Favorite It
    Save their favorite blog posts on their front-end dashboard.
  • Subscribe It
    Email subscribe to their favorite authors, categories or entire site.
  • Social Share
    Share their favorite blog posts to FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ & Pinterest.
  • Comment Away
    Comments are a way for your audience to add feedback to the author’s posts.
  • Reporting
    Help to report any inappropriate or offensive content found on the site.
Alert all readers whenever a new blog post is published on the site.
EasyBlog Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Notify readers whenever a new blog post is published on the site via Chrome, FireFox and Safari with OneSignal.
EasyBlog Newsletter Integrations
Newsletter Integrations
Manages the mailing list of all your readers with Sendy or MailChimp on the latest blog posted on the site.
EasyBlog Subscription
Your audience can choose to subscribe to the entire blog, favorite authors or even categories.

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