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Limit Form Responses

A lightweight addon to control the overall number of form submissions and those per user.

restricted form message

Limit Form Responses Use Cases

job application form
Event registration form

If you are hosting an invitation-only event, you can limit the number of requests submitted by those willing to attend.


Homework submission form

Limit the number of applications for online courses and give students the opportunity to submit homework twice.


Voting forms for Сontests

Restrict the number of voting form submissions by the user’s IP address, so that the vote from one IP is counted once.


Job application form

You have a vacant job opportunity and you want to limit the number of job application forms.


Online survey

Send out the survey results with a limit by 1 time to maintain experimental integrity or open the form only a logged-in user.


User registration

To prevent the army of bots from spawning the registration form should be submitted only once.


Explore Functionality

Custom styling

You can apply the style settings to texts you generate in the Restricted message area.

Shortcodes in custom messages

Feel welcome to add shortcodes to any Text and Textarea field types be it a Restricted or Error message.

Prevent Default on submission

Keep in mind that the limit checkup occurs not just during the form rendering but also when it’s being submitted.

Unlock All Addon Options

Limit Form Responses

Switch on/off this toggle to enable/disable the form response limitation functionality.

Limit field

A field where you indicate how many times the form can be submitted before it closes.

Restrict multiple submissions

You can restrict users from submitting the form by their IP address, Cookie value, Session value, and the “logged-in” status.

Restricted message

A text that will be shown to the user instead of a form provided that they’ve already submitted it. This field supports shortcodes.

limit form responses options
Closed message

A custom message that appears instead of the form once the response limit is reached. You can insert shortcodes in it.

Error Limit exceeded

This error text will be displayed when trying to submit a form with an increased limit of submissions. Allows inserting shortcodes.

Error Not logged

This text will appear instead of a form if the user is logged out. You can use shortcodes here.


How to Configure Limit Form Responses

Install the plugin


To install the addon, hit the “Upload Plugin” button. Then click the “Choose File” button and choose the JetFormBuilder Limit Form Responses addon. After that, hit the “Install” button.

limit form responses installation

Once the addon is installed, it needs to be activated by pressing the “Activate Plugin” button.

limit form responses addon activation

Tip: You can set both the form response limit (Limit Form Responses addon) and a closing date (Schedule Forms addon). In this way, the form will be closed by that addon whose settings work out first.

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