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LearnDash Dashboard

LearnDash Dashboard gives the admin, instructors, and students a dashboard of their own, where they can easily manage anything related to their courses, lessons, and contact others.

Website admin can adjust each block as per their requirements. If you want to disable some sections, the plugin setting offers you do it easily.

The plugin has inbuilt support for WooCommerce and Learndash WooCommerce add-on.

Tested Up To: LearnDash v3.4.0.6


Learndash Dashboard Features

  1. Instructor Role
  2. Dedicated widgets for admin instructor, group leader, and students.
  3. Commission calculation and reports.
    • Based on WooCommerce and LearnDash
    • Default method to sell courses
  4. Course-specific reports for the instructor, admin and group leader that include
    • Pie graph of number of students who have started course, completed course and yet to start.
    • Detailed student wise report for a specific course.
  5. Student specific details for admin, instructor and group leader to display pie chart for the following:
    • Course Progress
    • Assignment Progress
    • Quiz Progress
  6. Email Options:
    • Admin, Instructors, and Group Leaders can send emails to their students.
    • It allows sending emails to many students at a time.
  7. Private Message Option:
    • With BuddyPress integration, we added Private messages option at dashboard that allows sending messages to students from the dashboard.
  8. Activity Feed: It displays and logs all the activities done by students on the right-hand side.
  9. Dedicate Menu For Dashboard: We have hooked a WordPress menu at dashboard which can be managed from Appearance >> Menu
  10. Front End form for instructor registration.
  11. Option to add co-instrutor.

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Easy to Use Backend Setting

  • Provides Instructor user role
  • Calculate the commission and manage the report
  • Use default method to sell courses
  • Add Co-instructors into the courses
  • Viewstudent specific details
  • Dedicated Widgets for admin instructors and co-authors


Keep an eye on your learning site

  • Manage your students progress with a single page called My Dashboard
  • Front end form to become an instructor
  • Display activity feed of student
  • Dedicated menu for dashboard
  • Send private message to your students via dDashboard Directly
  • Send Email to your students via dashboard directly

Easy Setup

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for Learndash specific learning websites
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup


Instructor Dashboard

Each instructor will have their specific dashboard that will display all the widgets that will be selected by an admin.

Display Count Of Courses, Lessons, Topics And More

Instructor Earnings
Number of Courses
Number Of Quizzes
Number of Completed Assignments
Number Of Pending Essays
Lessons count
Topics Count
Number Of Students

Course Details

An instructor can also see his course progress in the form of a pie chart. He will be able to see course progress based on each of his courses. He will also be able to see the information of each student based on each course such as total steps, completed steps, progress, and completion date.


This block integrates BuddyPress messaging from the instructor dashboard and allows the Instructor to send messages to his students. Once a message is sent it will become a multi-threaded conversation where the students concerned can reply. An instructor can send a message to students and admin while a student can only reply to the instructor’s message via his BuddyPress profile.

Email Option

An instructor can also send emails to each of his students directly from his dashboard. He can simply select the course names, student names, add email subject and description and send emails to his students.


Student Details

This block will display the details of each student based on the courses he has taken. It will display his course progress, assignment progress, and quiz progress respectively.

Activity Feed

An instructor Dashboard will also display live notification of any activity performed by him or his students.

LearnDash Notes

LearnDash Dashboard also offers dedicated support for LearnDash Notes which allows students to add notes for courses, lessons, and topics. An instructor dashboard will also display notes made by his students based on the course.

Group Leader Dashboard

Each group leader will have their specific dashboard that will display all the widgets that will be selected by an admin.

Student Dashboard

A student will also have a dedicated dashboard that will display all his activities in one place.

For a Student, the dashboard will display:

Completed Assignments
Pending Essays


Course Details

A student dashboard will also display his course progress in the form of a graph based on each course taken by him. He can see his course progress, quiz progress, and assignment progress. He can also see how many steps he has completed in each course.

LearnDash Notes

A student also gets a feature to add notes to his courses, lessons, and topics. All the notes taken by him will be displayed on his LD Dashboard.

Activity Feed

A student dashboard will also display live notification of any activity performed by him related to his courses.


Course To-Do List

When an instructor will add a to-do list to a respective course group, that to-do list will be assigned to each student of the course and its summary will be displayed on his respective LearnDash Dashboard.


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