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This is a prefect tool if you are using LearnDash in a traditional classroom setting or wish to have a blended learning program.

With the Gradebook add-on you can mange your students grades and track their online progress all from a centralized location – no more jumping between tools!

Add-On Features

Front-End Report Card
Privately share learner grades with the front-end report card feature. They simply log-in and can see how they are performing. An example of this is shown above.

Automatically Synced with LearnDash
The gradebook will automatically pull in grades from your LearnDash based quizzes and assignments.

Manual Grade Entry
Administer grades for non-LearnDash items, such as classroom participation, projects, or reading assignments. If it needs a grade it can be added to the gradebook!

Weighted Grades
Need a grade to be weighted? No problem! Just select the option and you are all set.

Custom Grading Scale
Configure a custom grading scale to match your needs (i.e. what constitutes an “A” versus an “A-” or a “B+”), or choose to not use letter grades at all!

Fully compatible with WordPress 5.5 and LearnDash 3

Version 2.0 offers a very useful Gradebook for teachers and group leaders providing a quick, powerful overview of all users’ grades. The Gradebook allows sorting by First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and User Login in addition to Display Name and grade.

This WordPress plugin for LearnDash also allows teachers and group leaders to search through users for information on grade averages, export grades to CSV, and it provides quick links to view each user’s individual grades.

Better than ever, teachers now no longer need to access the dashboard to complete their work. They may easily view grades for quizzes and assignments while monitoring student progress from the frontend of the site allowing them to more effectively communicate with their students in the process.

Introducing Frontend and Dashboard Gradebooks for LearnDash

Improve the user experience for your teachers and group leaders with the new front end grade book, LearnDash – Gradebook. Now, easily show your courses’ overall grades, quiz grades, and homework grades all in one place, wherever you would like on your WordPress site.

Front-end Report Card

Communicate more effectively with students by placing their report card on the front end of the website.

Export LearnDash Grades to CSV

You can export all component grades (the grades as shown in the main LearnDash – Gradebook view) as well as export all grades for each student with our newly added Gradebook exporter for LearnDash. If you provide e-learning with WordPress and LearnDash but need to work with your own systems, downloading your data is now as easy as clicking a button.



Extremely Flexible Settings

Enhance the ways in which LearnDash determines and presents grades to your students.

Manual Grade Entry

No matter how accurate the grading system, sometimes students earn changes to their grades. Accomplish this task easily with the manual grade entry workflow for LearnDash Gradebook.

Configurable Grade Weighting

Calculates grade items as a percentage of a final grade. Assign points to individual items that contribute towards the final grade as the percentage value (weight) assigned to them.

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