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Smart Manager For WooCommerce

Spreadsheet / Table Editor

Smart Manager plugin works just like an Excel spreadsheet. So making changes and navigating is fast and simple!

Price, Product & Stock Management

Navigate through the table and quickly update stock quantities, set and modify sale price / regular price. Set backorders, delete products, filter and bulk edit stock for many WooCommerce products and variations at once.

Quick Inline & Bulk Edit

Create, remove or update many items at once directly from the grid. Change multiple column values and save all at once. Switch to native editing screen for full editing control.

Order Management, Discount Coupons…

View all orders in one screen, filter and search quickly. Change order status, manually add new orders, bulk edit orders, or export to CSV. Review and find coupons, extend store-credits, modify discounts, bulk edit them…

Admin Columns Freely

Easily display, hide and edit data columns to the grid. Sort, search, bulk edit or export any WordPress post type. Smart Manager supports many third party plugin data-types too!

Posts, Pages, Users…Anything!

Use the same table like interface to view and manage all types of custom post types, users and attributes in WordPress and WooCommerce.


Bulk edit thousands of items flawlessly

Whether you have a 100 product store or 100,000 – you can update everything at once – quick and easy!

WooCommerce Bulk Batch Update Products Orders Customers Meta Fields Attributes Variations with Smart Manager
Save Time with Unlimited Bulk Edit

Select as many items you want and change any of their properties at once.

This is tremendous power and flexibility, nothing comes close to Smart Manager here.

And BTW, you can even mass update all items of a particular post type in your site at once!

Change Multiple Columns at Once

Change as many attributes / fields as you wish in a single Bulk Edit / Batch Update operation.

For example: Reduce price by 25%, append special to product names and increase inventory by 500 units – you can apply all these operations to all selected items in one go.

Avoid Human Errors

Smart Manager takes care of boring (and erroneous) calculations in prices and stocks.

It can append or prepend text and can change product groups. You only have to set your choices and Smart Manager will take care of all mathematical / text calculations in the background.

Want to see how bulk edit works?

Instantly find & manage whatever you want

Goodbye tedious search and navigation!

You’ll get an intuitive and powerful search system with Smart Manager. Quickly find anything with simple search, or narrow down with any custom fields using advanced search.

And of course, you can sort, show, hide admin columns as you like.

Locate any WooCommerce product, customer or order within seconds

Yes, manage any post type like a spreadsheet!

Compatibility with top WooCommerce and WordPress plugins

You can view and manage all post types using Smart Manager’s spreadsheet like interface. Plus we’ve built additional compatibility for most popular plugins right within Smart Manager. Bulk edit subscriptions, schedule bookings, change focus keywords…manage all quickly with ease.

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