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Why WP Review

WP Review blows away any other review plugin by a huge margin.
Check out its unbeatable features.

Support for 19 Types of Rich Snippets

WP Review is the perfect review plugin whether you are reviewing products, books, movies, games, or

anything else. A total of 19 types of snippets are supported, and you can select your preferred snippet

in a few clicks.

* Free version comes with review snippet.

16 Predefined Designs

WP Review ships with 16 pre-made templates that you can start using immediately. To tailor each

template to your brand, you can also customize each template’s colors and other elements from the

control panel itself.

* Free version comes with 2 predefined designs.

Multiple Rating Systems (Star, Point, Percentage, Circle,


Different products need different types of reviews, and WP Review is ready for them all. You can

use starpointpercentagethumbs up PRO and circle PRO rating criteria to create

perfect reviews for all products.

User Comment Rating and Review

With WP Review, you can even showcase your readers’ opinions about the products you review.

Users can rate features, leave comments on the review, and even mark other’s

comments as helpful or not helpful.

Compatible with Any WordPress Theme

WP Review is created by following WordPress guidelines strictly which makes it compatible

with every WordPress theme. Simply install the plugin with any theme and start reviewing

the products of your choice.

Google Places Reviews Integrated

Google is a trusted brand, and people trust Google Reviews. You can leverage that trust by using

WP Review’s Google Places Reviews integration. Using this integration, you can embed any

Google Review on your website effortlessly.

Yelp Reviews Integrated

Yelp features reviews of hundreds of thousands of businesses. You can tap into that review pool

by importing any Yelp review on your website using the

Yelp Review Integration in WP Review.

Facebook Reviews Integrated

Embedding Facebook Reviews on your website is a breeze with WP Review. Simply

enter your Facebook app credentials and start importing any Facebook reviews in an instant.

Comparison Table

Apart from reviewing single products, WP Review can also create comparison tables to

compare the features of multiple products. You can use this feature to create product

comparisons tables and help your visitors make purchase decisions.

Popup and Notification Bar

WP Review’s pop-ups and notification features will help you get more clicks and views on

your reviews. You can promote multiple related reviews with the exit intent popup

and use the notification bar to promote any review on your website.

WooCommerce Integration

Reviews are an integral part of any ecommerce store. WP Review can help you boost

conversions on your ecommerce store by replacing the basic WooCommerce reviews

forms with the advanced, customizable review forms in WP Review.

Advanced Options Panel

Configuring WP Review in any way is easy with our Advanced Options Panel. It lists all

the settings, options, and configurations of WP Review in a user-friendly manner.

Mobile Friendly

Being mobile friendly is not optional, and WP Review is created with a mobile-first

approach. Any reviews you create with WP Review will look perfect on all mobile devices.

Optimized For Speed

Even a second’s increase in your website’s load time can drastically affect your bottom line.

WP Review’s optimized architecture and countless other improvements ensure that WP

Review loads blazingly fast on any website.

Clean and Secure Code

A single security vulnerability on your website can wipe out years of your effort. WP Review

protects you against security issues with its clean, optimized, and secure code.

Translation Ready

EWith WP Review, you can create reviews in the language of your choice. WP Review

is fully translatable, and it follows WordPress’s translation guidelines, which makes it easy

and secure to translate it into the language you desire.

Developer Friendly

WP Review packs powerful features, but it is also extendible. Developers can create custom

templates to be used for the reviews or use the many filters in WP Review to customize the


24×7 Dedicated Support

Our dedicated staff of WordPress experts backs WP Review. The premium support staff

is available to assist you every day, throughout the year.

10 Custom Widgets

WP Review adds 10 custom designed widgets to your website. You can use these widgets to

add a variety of reviews to your footer, sidebar, and other widget enabled areas of your


* Free version comes with one custom widget.

Multisite Option

Whether or operate a single website or a host of websites, WP Review will still let you create

stunning reviews with its WordPress multisite support.

Custom Image for Ratings

Make WP Review speak the language of your website by customizing the image for ratings.

By uploading a custom icon, you will be able to rate your products with your custom ratings.

Add Text Along with Star Ratings

WP Review lets you add additional text alongside your ratings. You can use this text to

explain your ratings, provide feedback, or provide additional value that is engaging for

the user.

Brand New Template

Instantly make your reviews more familiar and trusted by using the brand new Facebook

inspired template inside WP Review.

Role Manager Options

Manage your website and authors with the powerful Role Management abilites inside WP

Review. Using the Role Management feature, you can program with meticulous detail what

each manager of your website can perform within WP Review.

Thumbnail Selection Option

Get you clicks to your reviews by choosing attractive thumbnails for your reviews. These

thumbnails appear on various search engine feeds and give you the competitive edge your

website needs.

Google Product Review Feed Support

WP Review fully supports the Google Product Review Feed. Not only that, WP Review also

supercharges the feed with additional metadata which is then displayed as on the search


Control Center Screenshots

WP Review’s powerful features do not come with complexity. The industry-leading options

panel makes it easy to customize and use WP Review in precisely the way you want. You can

check out the control center in action below.

What can this plugin do for you?

Product reviews sell products. WP Review helps you in creating beautiful, information-

packed, mobile friendly, and high converting reviews that help potential customers make

buying decisions. Check out all the beautiful reviews and templates in the demo.

Popup and Notification Bar

Your goal is to bring attention to your reviews. WP Review’s popups and notification

bar create non-intrusive attention grabbers that your visitors can’t miss. See how this

feature can bring you more traffic in the demo.

Comment Reviews

WP Review takes reviews to the next level by allowing users to rate features and

the complete product with comments. You can even include user reviews and

ratings in the total review score of the product. Try this feature out in the demo.

Comparision Table

Customers love to compare products. To help your visitors make decisions, WP Review

lets you create comparison tables for products. See a demonstration of this feature

in the demo.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook has become a popular place for users to leave reviews of products, services, and

businesses. WP Review can import reviews from your Facebook page and embed

them on your website easily and quickly. See this feature live on the demo.

Google Places Reviews

Google is a trusted brand when reviews are concerned. Using WP Review’s integration

with Google Places, you can import and embed reviews from Google to your

website in just a few clicks. Try this feature out in the demo.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp is the first place where users look for restaurant reviews and other local businesses’

reviews. WP Review can help you pull reviews from Yelp and place them on your

website with ease, and in just a few clicks. Test drive Yelp reviews in the demo.


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