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Bulk Edit Comments and Reviews

No import/export needed. All the changes apply live on the website.

WordPress Comments are a Mess!

In WordPress, you have the “comments” page listing all the post comments and you can only moderate, respond, or delete them.

However, many plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. use the Comments System to store customer reviews.

That’s the problem. It’s impossible to manage your customer reviews or testimonials or event reviews using the system created for blog comments.

– You can’t search reviews by stars or rating
– You can’t export the customer reviews and import into external systems
– You can’t import customer reviews into your WooCommerce Store
– And many more limitations

A Spreadsheet created especially for all the Comments and Reviews

Say goodbye to all the limitations. We have created a WordPress plugin where you can
manage your comments and reviews in bulk, make advanced searches, bulk edit
thousands of reviews, migrate from one site to another, etc.

Use cases

WooCommerce Customer Reviews

You can view all the reviews left by customers on the WooCommerce produts. You can edit them quickly, search by multiple fields and using multiple conditions, export and import customer reviews, and more.

For example, find all the product reviews with less than 3 stars, find all the long customer reviews.
Find reviews with short content and delete them.
Delete all the reviews with less than 3 stars.


Most testimonials plugins save the testimonials as comments. So you can view and edit all the testimonials with our WordPress plugin.

You can bulk edit all the testimonial information, import testimonials, export testimonials, make advanced searches, and more.

You can convert regular comments into testimonials, you can convert testimonials into product reviews, you can move testimonials from one post to another, etc.

WooCommerce Order Notes

All the order notes are stored as comments, so you can manage them with our plugin.

You can delete all the order notes, you can search all orders by notes, you can search notes by date or order, you can bulk edit all the order notes, you can make all the notes visible to the customer or private, etc.

You can add order notes visible to all the buyers to communicate important messages.

Blog Comments

You can manage the comments of all the posts, pages, events, and any custom post type.

You can make advanced searches, bulk edit thousands of comments, change comment status.

You can export the comments to import into external systems, you can move the comments from one site to another, you can import comments.

You can move all the comments left on one post to another post, and more.

  • This plugin provides one spreadsheet for all the comments, testimonials, and reviews for your entire website
  • One spreadsheet for viewing all the information
  • Bulk Editor all the comments, product reviews, and testimonials
  • Update comment status, messages, author, email, etc. in bulk
  • Make advanced searches by author, email, message, etc.

Powerful bulk editor for Comments

You can edit hundreds or thousands of comments and reviews at once.

Edit stars or ratings of thousands of reviews

Create or import new reviews quickly

Move comments or reviews from one post/product to another

Replace words or phrases in comment messages in bulk

Bulk Delete comments or reviews or order notes quickly

Convert comments into product reviews and viceversa

General Features

  • All the comments: The plugin generates one spreadsheet for all the comments, reviews, WooCommerce order notes, and testimonials in your website.
  • Copy information between comments: You can copy information from one comment or review to hundreds of rows
  • Move information across all comments.
  • Associated post or pages: You can see the associated post or product title or WooCommerce order title.
  • Unlimited comments: The Spreadsheet supports hundreds of thousands of rows, etc.
  • Custom Columns: You can add new columns to the Spreadsheet for editing custom fields and organizing the comments in anyway you want
  • Bulk edit comments meta: You can edit Custom Fields added by other plugins, they show in the spreadsheet automatically
  • Columns Visibility: You can remove, deactivate, display, and sort columns.
  • Formulas: You can update thousands of comments at once using Formulas
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Advanced Custom Fields metaboxes appear in the spreadsheet automatically.
  • Advanced search: You can find comments by keyword, post type, status, author, type, and any field
  • Columns resizing: You can resize columns
  • Columns renaming: You can rename column

We support Large Sites

The plugin is very efficient with your server resources.

It loads only on wp-admin. It doesn´t affect the speed of your site.

You can load thousands of rows in the spreadsheet without issues.

You can control the number of rows to save per batch. i.e. 3 rows every 20 seconds.

You can control the time to wait between batches when saving changes. i.e. 3 rows every 60 seconds.

It saves only the modified cells in the spreadsheet. For example, you can load 500 rows, edit 3 fields, and it saves only 3 fields.


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