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What the plugin does
Stay updated with your orders: receive and send an SMS to your customers every time an order status changes.
How you can benefit from it:

  • You will be able to monitor your orders in real time, even when away from your PC, and be up-to-date about new orders, refunds, any possible issue when processing the order, etc.
  • You will improve the customer service by offering to users who purchase on your e-commerce the possibility to be notified about their order status via SMS.

Keep your customers loyal to your store as if you have always known them

Have you ever felt like you are part of a family while purchasing online?

Imagine if after purchasing your favorite product, you would receive a custom text message right away including personal thanks and the information that your purchase has been successful, you know what would happen?

A careful touch will greatly increase customers’ trust towards the company they have chosen to purchase from! And the direct consequence of this is that they will feel pampered and cared for.

All thanks to a simple text message.

Companies that send text messages to their customers following their purchases or to inform them about any possible issue are often recognized as trustworthy ones.
Think about it: your bank sends you a text message notifications when you perform a bank transaction, big clothing stores send their customers text messages as well, what about you?

Thanks to our YITH WooCommerce SMS Notification, you can start sending custom text messages to your customers right away, informing them of any change in the status of the order they placed.

In order to deliver these text messages, several different gateways are used, such as Twilio and Clockworks and if you wish, you will be able to receive them as well.

In case you need to be notified via SMS for each processed purchase and any order gone wrong in your store, you will be able to do this in a few clicks and you will have your whole sales under control.


Send SMS notifications

By choosing from over 30 services

Change sender’s configuration

By inserting fictitious name and number

Sender's configuration

Notify the order status

Choose for which status you want to enable the SMS notification sending and the related recipients

Order status changed

Enable the service for all users

Or only for those who request it during the checkout

Send sms notifications to customer

Send admin notifications to other people

By inserting, for example, also the shop manager’s number

Admin phone

Optimize the 160 characters available for each SMS

By taking advantage of Google or Bitly services to reduce the URL length that you want to include in the message

Url shortening settings

Reduce the distance with your customers

By sending the SMS manually when you need to ask for further information about their orders

Send manually sms to customer

Customize the text of your automatic messages

By recovering the order information in a dynamic way

Sms settings

Verify the correct functioning of the service

By sending a test message to the specified number

Send test sms

Enable SMS sending also for the status of custom orders

By taking advantage of the compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

By taking advantage of the compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

Take advantage of the WPML compatibility

You are free to easily translate the plugin with the powerful WPML tool

Wpml Compatible


  • Automatic SMS sending when the order status changes
  • SMS services available:
    • Agile Telecom
    • Alfa cell (former Mobily.ws)
    • Bulk SMS
    • BulkSMS Maroc
    • BulkSMS – SA
    • Burst SMS New
    • ClickSend SMS
    • Clockwork
    • Crystalwebtechs
    • Green Text
    • IntelliSMS New
    • Jazz (Mobilink)
    • MessageBird
    • mNotify New
    • Msegat New
    • Msg91
    • Netpowers New
    • Nexmo SMS New
    • Sabeq Alarabia
    • SMSAPI New
    • SMS Broadcast New
    • Sms Country
    • SmsCyber
    • SMS Gateway Hub New
    • Smshosting New
    • SMS Office
    • Spring Edge New
    • ThaiBulkSMS New
    • Trend Mens
    • Twilio
    • UAEDes
    • Unifonic
  • Show name and number of the sender
  • Enable the service for all the users or only for those who request it during the checkout
  • SMS notification sending can be enabled/disabled for any single order status
  • Every SMS can be sent simultaneously to the user and to the shop administrator
  • Bitly system to insert short-links in the message body
  • Extend the length of a single SMS text (default is 160) New
  • Customization of the content for any type of available SMS
  • Use special characters in your texts thanks to the additional charsets managementNew
  • Test message sending to verify the correct functioning of the service chosen
  • Create and send a new message from the order detail page
  • Integration with YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote: SMS notifications can be also enabled for quote statuses.New
  • 100% compatible with YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status: SMS notifications can be also enabled for the status of custom orders.
  • Integration with YITH Booking and Appointment for WooCommerce: SMS notifications can be also enabled for booking statuses.New

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