12-November 2022

Migration from EDD to WooCommerce!

Hello everybody, as you can see we have made many changes in the site.

We were really tired from the system we previously used, which was EDD, after 2 years of trying to make the site user-friendly we realized our best option was to keep growing and for that we needed WooCommerce. We want to thank all of our customers for always coming with their ideas to make the site a better place for all of us, we take all your thoughts and recommendations into consideration..

We have created a whole new fresh style.

Kindly take the time to read this in full so you won’t miss any new info!

Improvements made and important points:

  • New and better search system. Now you can start typing for a product and the product you are looking for would appear immediately. This was highly requested by all of you.
  • We have changed our membership prices, but if you are a previous customer please don’t hesitate to create a ticket so you can keep paying the same amount you were paying before the migration.
  • You can login with same email/password you had before, this hasn’t changed. Contact us in case of any problem.
  • A developer membership plan with 50 downloads per day has been created for developers who need to download more products every day.
  • You can now see all your orders/purchases/subscriptions by clicking in the first icon at the right top of the page or by going to
  • The site will automatically create an account for you when you are purchasing any product/membership.
  • You can now add products into your wishlists, just select the red heart icon located at the right top of each product’s image. You can edit/view your wishlists from the heart icon located at the right top of the site as well.
  • We had to manually create and activate each individual subscription, so perhaps you will need to re-purchase your plan when the expiring date arrives (this is same date as you had in previous website), this is mainly because PayPal/Stripe would need to re-activate the recurring permission to charge you on a monthly/semi-yearly/yearly basis. Please create a ticket if your membership is canceled and you need help.
  • You can now download each new update directly from the Updates page without going to each individual product page, if you are a member then you will see a Download button at if the plugin/theme has more than 1 download file, you will lose 1 credit and not more even if the product has more download files, it will count as 1. Same goes if you download the same file many times in the same day, you will only lose 1 credit for that file.
  • We have assigned support hours, please check them at we have also created a few pages for different types of requests. Be sure to read them and comply with the guidelines.
  • As you may notice, we haven’t been updating files these past days because we were working on the migration. All normal activities/updates will start from today. 
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any bugs you may come across so we can further assist you, this is a new system and we are giving our best to make it work correctly.
  • We still are in the process of adding all single purchases into the new database, so be patient in case you have bought an individual product and it doesn’t show in your dashboard yet, we will hopefully have this finished by tomorrow.

We, GETALLGPL Team, hope you like the new feel of the store and that you stay with us for a very long time. 

Thank you for being part of the Get All GPL Family!